Let Me Introduce Myself..

Hi guys! On Instagram there’s really no way for you to get to know me or for me to tell you about myself. I’m so excited to start this blog and have a way for me to show more personality.

My name is Gabby Sizemore and I’ve been living on Long Island since the day I was born. Growing up I was one of those horse obsessed girls you all hear about in school 😂. Grades K-12 weren’t really my time to shine. I usually just sat through the day literally not saying a word. Really ask anyone I went to school with I didn’t speak. Thankfully once I left and found a place where I wanted to be things changed. Thats why I find it so funny this is where I ended up today. Being a voice to all of you and also approaching restaurant owners to explain to them how beneficial social media is for their business. I would NEVER have done that back then.

I’ve always had a love for food, but I really never thought it would turn into a huge thing. I went away to school at The University of Rhode Island for Journalism. There was a lot of bouncing around major wise because I truly never felt happy with what I was doing. When I graduated with my degree I sat at my house everyday endlessly applying to jobs in the city, for no money, where I would either have to commute or live in a shoe box apartment. That was definitely not what I wanted.

In my last year of college I started Eating Long Island. I really just started it because I was posting A LOT of food on my personal account and figured nobody wanted to see my food. I made my account and kept it anonymous for about 6 months until I made a mistake and linked it to my personal Facebook. That’s when the cat was out of the bag. Doing that actually was the best thing because everyone knew who I was and I made many connections.

Now that I’ve been doing this for about 3 years, really only 2 years actively its become my entire life. I love searching for different restaurants/ food companies on the island or where I’m traveling to and trying them to share with all of you! My account will forever stay true to the day I started. I will never post something I haven’t tasted and liked. I truly believe that if you do something you love and do it well the rest will come.

I hope you enjoy my future blog posts. If you ever have any questions feel free to send me a message!

Happy Eating,



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