Brunchin’ & Munchin’ at Taste Kitchen & Cocktails.

One of the most important meals when you are a Long Islander is that awkward time between breakfast and lunch, “brunch”. Now I’m not sure if people use this made up meal as an excuse to put alcohol in their morning juice, or to party before 5 PM, but either way it’s full of delicious foods and I’m all for it.

Taste Kitchen and Cocktails, located in Massapequa Park is really not known for their brunch menu. They have a full Dinner menu everyday, but I must say Sunday Brunch needs more recognition.

Right when you walk through the door you are greeted with a huge smile. The atmosphere feels bubbly and alive, which is definitely what I want to feel on my last day of the weekend. Speaking of bubbly, before we even got to the table we were asked, “Mimosa, Bellini or Bloody Mary.” Obviously we asked for a Bellini & Mimosa.. sorry I’m not a Bloody Mary kind of girl.

First look at the menu I was in complete disbelief, not because I can’t find anything I want to order, but actually the complete opposite. I WANT TO ORDER EVERYTHING. From many different omelettes, to eggs Benedict, to pancakes, to burgers they have just about everything, but each item had its own unique flare.

Pro Tip: When I look for a restaurant I ALWAYS look for a menu that has items that jump out and HIT ME IN THE FACE.

When the waiter came and took our order we decided on the Avocado Toast, The Taste Burger and I HAD to try the Rice Krispy French Toast. I know Avocado Toast is getting a little on the mainstream side, but I figured why not.

I spotted my food coming out of the kitchen from across the room as usual and did my silly little happy dance. When they put our meals down I was in complete awe. Before even digging in I knew it was all going to be amazing.

The Avocado Toast was served on 7 Grain Toast with Two Poached Eggs, Roasted Tomato, Kale Pesto, Avocado, Sprouts and Olive Oil. I mean can you say DIFFERENT? The burger was your usual Brunch Burger with a Fried Egg, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Onion, but trust me you can definitely mess up a burger. This one was cooked perfectly and had such a great flavor. Lastly was the complete showstopper… the Rice Krispy French Toast. I’m sweating just thinking about it. Now you were just thinking oh some Rice Krispies on French Toast, but this baby had BANANA FLAMBE AND VANILLA ICE CREAM ON IT TOO.

Now that we felt like we needed to be lifted by a crane out of the restaurant it was time to go…or so we thought. Restaurant Owner Orlando walked over and asks how the meal was. I’m sitting there in a trance and tell him it was beyond words. Then he said, You have to try the Apple Pie Pizza. If you don’t finish its ok, but its a must. We couldn’t turn him down.

This personal sized Apple Pie Pizza came over and we were drooling already from the aroma. This pizza is a legitimate dough crust, with thin slices of apple, caramel sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I will say I am SO happy we didn’t leave without trying this amazing creation.

Overall this restaurant has amazing Brunch for any occasion. The food, drinks, staff and decor were top notch. If you haven’t been here already definitely make this your next Sunday destination.


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