Swallow Restaurant: Huntington, NY. 

Swallow Restaurant, one of the many restaurants in Huntington Village, is one that you can not pass by. On a beautiful fall day, I found myself sitting at the table next to the big windows overlooking the town.

This new American menu consists of a variety of small plates, which is great for a small lunch or a shared dinner with friends.

I opened the restaurant’s doors and was greeted by an extravagant bar to the right and the dining room in the room to the left. The dark floors and awesome photos of famous musicians on the wall shout modern, while the cozy, relaxing vibe remind the guest they are about to have an eloquent dining experience.

On the wall closest to the kitchen there is a short poem explaining the significance of the restaurant name, Swallow.

“The swallow is a bird that chooses a mate for life and returns home every year. For centuries sailors would have swallows tattooed on them to symbolize home and love. Here at Swallow we want you to feel as though you are visiting with us in our home, and hope you will return just like the swallow.”

On this day I had the honor of meeting chef and owner James Tchinnis. The chef has a way of taking a normal dish and putting his own excellent spin on it.

The waiter explained to us that the menu features small plates that are meant to be shared throughout the table, and that each dish is brought out individually as it is prepared.

Below are the stand out dishes that I recommend. Everything looks terrific on the menu and I can’t wait to go back and try more.

Crispy Calamari: Sweet & spicy glaze, scallions, chopped peanuts.

Angus Sliders: Angus beef, house made tomato jam, brie cheese. (My personal favorite)

Steamed Buns: Korean fried chicken, mustard greens, pickled radish, cilantro and special sauce.

Mac & Cheese: Orzo pasta, peas, bacon, Asiago parmesan cream sauce.

Swallow Restaurant, 366 New York Ave., Huntigton, NY. 631-547-5388. swallowrestaurant.com

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