Aria Melanie: Bay Shore, NY. 

Every person loves to eat with a magnificent view and that’s exactly what this restaurant has.

Aria Melanie, one of Bay Shore’s newest restaurants has the best view on the block, and not to mention some pretty great food. Serving modern Mediterranean cuisine, you may see some things you have never tried on the menu, but it’s time to put away your new food fears and order some magnificent food.

Diner’s Tip: Park in the shoulder on the street in front of the restaurant. 

When entering the establishment we were greeted by the host who seated us promptly next to one of the huge windows overlooking the lake. With the time change we were only able to see the picture-perfect view for a little, but let me tell you it was breath taking.

Tip: Aria Melanie holds private parties and wedding events so book this beautiful view fast! 

The restaurant starts you off with a complimentary bread basket with a side of olive oil, butter, and sundried tomato, olive spread.

Everything on the menu looked exceptional, but these were a few stand out dishes.

The Mafaldine Ricce & Kale, which is a Mafaldine pasta with kale pesto, chorizo, grilled zucchini, shaved parmigiano reggiano. This dish was the favorite of the night and also just so happens to be one of the recommended items on the menu. It was creamy, but not very heavy and has the taste of pesto and fresh vegetables.
Tiramisu, which featured three different flavors, raspberry, banana and coffee. This house made dessert is a brilliant twist on the original.

I also heard from fellow foodies that the Arancini Aria,  Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon, and side of Mac & Cheese were amazing. 

Aria Melanie is open Tuesday-Saturday  starting at 5 pm and Sunday with a special brunch menu. On Tuesday nights they hold a 3 course prix fixe menu for just 34 dollars.


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