Snaps Restaurant: Where Burger Dreams Come To Life. 

Everyday I’m on the quest for the best and most creative burger spot on the island. While I was scrolling through Yelp I stumbled upon Snaps Restaurant located in Wantagh, Long Island. The minute I started reading the menu I realized I had to make a reservation.

Walking into the restaurant I noticed it had a causal, fun vibe. The lighting is low with a nice sized bar to the left and tables to the right. This venue would be great for a casual night of dinner or with a group of friends. I noticed they have a pretty extensive drink many with beers on tap, mixed drinks and wine. Make sure to check out their website before heading over because they have a different special every night of the week. I have attached a copy of the specials below.

To me there is nothing in this world better than a big juicy burger. The menu had SO many many options it was almost impossible to choose.

We started off dinner with the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings served with a Blue Cheese Dipping sauce and the Crispy Chicken Teriyaki Wontons with Vinaigrette and Soba Noodles. The wings were nothing to write home about, but still yummy. Spicy with a hint of sweet. The Wontons on the other hand were out of this world. The crunch, sauce and chicken  combined tasted 500 times better than the best of Chinese restaurants.

Our entrees included the Grilled Rack of Lamb served with a goat cheese polenta cake,  covered in a roasted garlic sauce. My party and I agreed that this restaurant is known for their burgers and this is what you should stick to. Although the Lamb was cooked great and tasted amazing the burgers were on another level. We decided to order a Snap Burger, which is an Angus burger topped with bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and pickles. This burger is great for someone who wants to be a little out of the box, but not go insane. The second burger was the Mac Truck, which is topped with pepper jack Mac and cheese, lettuce, bacon, tomato and pickle. Yes I did just say mac and cheese on top of a burger. This choice was a little on the risky side, but it was beyond tasty… and messy.

All in all this restaurant was great for a chill dinner with friends or family and I will definitely be back soon to try the many other burger choices on the menu. On a Sunday night it was a little crowded so I would suggest making a reservation, especially on one of their special nights.

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