Review of Volpe Ristorante in Woodbury, NY. 

Pulling up to the valet section infront of the Fox Hollow Country Club we handed our keys to the gentleman and started our fantastic dining experience. We walked up the stairs and were greeted by the host, who also was our waiter for the evening.

The restaurant had a cozy vibe, perfect for the winter months quickly approaching. We were seated right next to the window overlooking their outdoor patio with beautiful flowers.

The assistant manager came over and told us about the many social media contests they were having and what items were the favorites on the menu. I always appreciate wise words like this, it makes my hard decision a little easier (you know, what to order).

Our appetizer was the Caprese Salad, with tomato, vinegar, olive oil and their amazing house made mozzarella cheese. The cheese was soft, creamy and the minute it hit my mouth it melted away.

Shortly after the waiter whisked away our appetizers the entrees arrived. I decided to go bold for the night with the Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb. The meat was cooked medium just like I had asked. The Lamb was tender in the middle and the herbs from the crust made my tastebuds tingle. My friend decided to go a little more low key for the night and ordered the Fettucini Alfredo with added sausage. The waitstaff was very accommodating with the add on. I loved seeing that all the pasta dishes came with the option to be gluten free.

We ended the night with the Chocolate Molten Lava Cake and the Cannoli Dessert ( which I don’t remember the name of). The cake was decadent and warm, served with vanilla ice cream. The Cannoli Dessert was out of this world.

The only bad thing about this restaurant was the fact that we had to leave. I will definitely be back here to try more things on the menu. Although it is inside of a catering hall and may be hard to miss, this meal is something worth making the trip for.


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