A Great Creation: Eggloo NYC

Eggloo, located on Mulberry Street in China Town, is a traditional Hong Kong egg waffle shop that puts a modern spin on its delicious dessert. They cater their dessert to many different types of people by allowing them to choose from different flavors and toppings.

The egg waffle originated in the streets of Hong Kong, becoming one of their most popular street snacks. Unlike the normal waffle you get up in the morning and eat for breakfast this waffle is made with an egg-based batter, which creates the hexagon shape consisting of 30 individual circles that can be ripped apart for your eating pleasure.

To create your perfect Eggloo there are a few options you are able to choose from. First, you get to choose from a cone or sundae, I decided to go with the normal egg waffle cone because I had been eating all day at the San Gennaro Feast down the road and this seemed to have less ice cream. Next, you get to choose which flavor cone, I chose the limited edition pumpkin spice flavor because who knows when I will be able to get this again (it was AMAZING). After you choose which flavor ice cream, although this one took a long deliberation because of the many creative seasonal flavors they have on the board I decided on plain and boring vanilla. Last, but definitely not least, UNLIMTED TOPPINGS, I went with rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and chocolate pocky sticks.

I didn’t go the most exciting route when choosing my perfect Eggloo creation, but I can assure you it was still amazing. The hype of this NYC dessert was all its cracked up to be. The pumpkin spice cone was just the right amount of pumpkin and didn’t have that overwhelming spice flavor that gives you a little tickle in your nose (never good).  Even though it was just vanilla the ice cream was creamy and made my taste buds tingle.

After eating this amazing dessert while navigating my way through the streets of china town, getting a lot of weird stares, I rolled myself back through the subway and on the train to Long Island. This is something I will definitely be back to try again.



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